Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Lights

I finally get it! Of course, like any child I have always loved Christmas. The celebration with the whole family, love, cookies, lots of drinking, lots of laughs and tons of gifts! BUT now I completely understand the celebration around DECORATING!!! SO FUN! I'm not sure if it is this way for everyone or if I've analyzed this incorrectly, but as a Stay at Home Full Time mommy there are no weekends, no days off and the only need for change is provoked by a tiny wonderful little girl. SO when there is a holiday dedicated to activities, events, crafts & fun, I am ALL IN!!! This Christmas is going to be so fun because of all the excitement of seeing family and sharing our baby girl, but the fun has already begun BECAUSE WE'RE DECORATING and I CARE!!!
So, here are the photos of Isabelle & I enjoying daddy putting up our Christmas lights. We don't have tree this year, although we do have a rosemary bush (thanks Mama), because we're leaving for the big day, BUT next year we shall! The decor inside is fairly limited, but we did get a real wreath, 2 poinsettias & some of our Santa's scattered throughout. Oh and our stockings of course...So no photos, but I'm working on it. Planning to hit up Target or Walmart after Christmas for some special deals for next year. Oh and I must get Elf on Shelf for next year...not sure Isabelle will get it, stocking holders, a train to go around the Christmas tree and so much more! So fun!!!
Love, Kat
PS - I do realize a number of you will forwn at the fact that she played near a ladder....but she's fine so get over it.

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