Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy First Birthday ISABELLE JANE!

Our beautiful, wonderful, determined, strong willed and lovable little baby girl has turned ONE!!! Isabelle Jane is everything and more. We feel so blessed to have her as a part of our lives. She is so smart and so much fun! We love you to pieces Miss Isabelle! Words could never describe what you mean to us and i am so looking forward to growing with you over the next years of your life! Thank you for being you! Love you Miss Bella Babe!!!

Thank you to all of our friends for joining us on your birthday and to our family and friends for all of the amazing gifts!!! I have decided it is so not our fault if our little girl is spoiled!

With Mommy

Niko building up the courage to give Isabelle her gift


Zayd and Madison

Mayham of fun

The Reading Nook

Blowing Out Her Candle


Wondering why we've been holding out on these cupcakes for so long...

Isabelle's new play matt

SOME of the Gifts!! Thank you to all!!!

Until Next Year!

We love you forever,
we like you for always,
as long as we're living,
you'll always be our baby!

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