Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Jersey....

Well, New Jersey is a lot different than what I had pictured. From the apartment, we look into a cemetery where I am fairly confident I saw someone dig up a not dig one, because they filled it up when they were done. Our apartment is HUGE! We have a full kitchen, a deck space and lots of room. No roommate while I was in town, but hopefully Andrew will have someone to hang out with soon, or I'm going to have to come back much earlier than expected. All is well with Football, but not much else going on. We spent some time in Manhattan on Friday. We had a lovely day walking around some of the neighborhoods, seeing the site of the World Trade Center, and had an amazing dinner with all of my bestest high school friends!!! I'm headed back to be with the family and puppies for a few days before I head for Seattle to visit my grandmother & more family!
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On another note, I have developed a very small bump of a belly that i cannot hold in anymore and I commonly refer to myself as a marshmallow. Andrew calls me muffin top to annoy me, because it looks nothing like a muffin's a belly.
We miss & love you all! Love, A&K
From Our Manhattan Trip:

What remained of the World Trade Center

Statue of Liberty

Germany Naval Ship

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Erin said...

OK, LOVE your blog background. I might have to steal it. The damask-type black & white pattern is Brock's baby room decor. And Black and green were my wedding colors. I am totally jealous you found this - I am kind of obsessed.

Also, thanks for the constant updates, keep them up!