Tuesday, May 5, 2009

we got "A SAM!"

We are packed and ready for storage.....Andrew had a week off and was able to come see all the great work I did packing. So I also let him move all the boxes into our storage box! So fun! Thanks to my dad & Karen for helping pack and my mom & brother for helping us load up the storage box. Couldn't have done it without you. Now we are all ready to store our things and head down to Phoenix in a month to look for our NEW HOME!!! Hopefully we'll be successful, otherwise we have a lot of stuff stored for, well, no where?

All is well in our world right now. Baby is healthy and we have our second ultrasound June 1st (Happy Birthday Sally!). Andrew will be training in New Jersey until June 18th and I'll get to visit him a few times, but in between visits Oscar, Copper and I will be living it up with my parents! And as my brother, Nick, so fondly puts it, I am partially employed, pregnant and living with my parents. Oh well, I'm happy!
So excited to see all my New York Friends the week of May 10th, Kari & Erin May 23rd and all my Phoenix Friends June 25th(ish)!!!! Love you all and our prayers are with you!!! Love, Andrew, Kat, Baby, Oscar & Copper

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