Monday, January 26, 2009

Margarita Saturday

Our small family finds that 2 very important aspects of life can be attributed to #1 an amazing SALSA and #2 good margaritas, so on Saturday we decided to check out some of the locate Mexican Food establishments....we only made it to two. 1. Salty Iguanas...where we experienced very tomato-like salsa and cold tortilla chips, yet very strong but boring margaritas. Tipsy yes, Food satisfied no. 2. Jalapenos in Brookside....we enjoyed the salsa a bit more and had their pre-made margarita mix. Both were just fine, nothing to really go back to...Our leaders are still as follows:
Chip&Salsa winners:
#2 Margaritas of Kansas City (the best take home taste from the grocery)

Margarita winners:
#1 our own Beer Margaritas (compliments of our friends the Venerdis in Amelia Island)
#2 Z-Tejas (these last two are really just Kat's favorites....)
#3 Kona Happy Hour Ladies Margaritas

Okay, so please let us know what other restaurants we should try as well as what other foods you would like our opinions on... :o) Love you all! A&K (O&C cannot drink nor eat chips&salsa)

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