Monday, January 12, 2009

Hereford Visit

Trans Siberian Orchestra!!!
Kathryn, Andrew, Marcus, Martin, Marty, Daniel, Jessica, Jason, Janette & Eric

Following Andrew's First Active Football Season, we took a road trip down to Hereford to visit with his family for the week and to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra with the rest of his family! It was a blast and we had a really nice relaxing New Years visit.
We played a number of games with Janette & Eric and had a bunch of well cooked homemade meals from Janette. It was so much fun to hang out and enjoy the beginning of the Off-Season!! Thank you so much for taking us to see the concert Janette & Eric!!! We are having our Christmas with Andrew's family in February and are looking forward to seeing everyone again soon!!! Love you all!, A,K,O&C

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