Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Grandparents Love Me to PIECES!!!

Isabelle is by far this most exciting thing that has happened to us in quite some time and possibly the most exciting that has ever happened to us for her grandparents! Isabelle has been a popular commodity and no one could have gotten here faster to see her. In her first four weeks of life she has met all of her grandparents and 2 of her GREAT grandparents! My mother, Jane, was here for her birth, then Andrew's mother, Janette, came two days later to meet her. My dad, Kevin and Stepmother, Karen, were here at two weeks and Andrew's dad, Eric, and mom, Janette were here at 3 weeks! Lucky girl! Here are some of the photos from their visits!!!
She cannot wait to meet everyone, but she knows that she is dearly loved by all! We will make sure to introduce you to her shortly! Love you all!
Andrew, Kat & Isabelle

Nana Jane at the Hospital

Grandma & Grandpa Hennessy!

Nana Janette & Papa Eric

GREAT Grandpa & Grandma Garney!!!

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