Monday, May 13, 2013

"Mommy, can we do a project"

Isabelle's most famous words on a daily basis....

So, yes Isabelle. We can do a project. Thanks to the wonderful world of, we have more information at our finger tips that we know what to do with. Here is the project list for the next week or month, however long it will last or I will take to get each project setup. I do attempt to select projects that have the least amount of setup time just in case they are epic fails. Sometime they last us hours, sometimes minutes. The votes will be in shortly, as for now, here is the "Project List".

Squishy Bag from PlayatHomeMom

Shopping List:
Gallon size Ziploc bag
Food Coloring
Hair Gel (dollar store)**

Cookie Sheet Alphabet Matching Lower Case to Upper Case Letters from We can do all things

Shopping List:
Cookie Tray
Magnet Letters **

Marble Races by HomeSpunThreads

Shopping List:
Pool Noodle **
Shoe Box

Cereal Writing by The Skains Family

Shopping List:
Cereal **
Construction Paper

Hopefully a few of these will be successful....more successful than me trying to save the photos from the internet and repost them here. Oh well.

Other Projects we've tried:
Number Match - failed in frustration, we tried too young, I should bring this one back
Spider Web Toss = failed because we used masking tape but was a big success with Isabelle's interest
Nature Scavenger Hunt - big success, Isabelle learned quite a bit of vocabulary and had lots of fun doing it
The Quiet Book - epic fail, TONS of work went into this and it is already falling a part and has never brought much interest for very long

Besides these great project ideas, we have library LeapFrog Movies and recommended 6 by 6 books have been reserved at the library. We could also get the library lists for both kiddos.
Welcome to summer Isabelle & Adelaide! Come fall, Isabelle will be in Preschool and Adelaide will have to develop a more specific vocabulary because Isabelle won't be around to articulate exactly what you need! Love you both dearly!

Love, Mama

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Rach and Clark said...

wow, you are supermom! I'm finally caught up reading posts...your girls just get more and more adorable. Hope all is well in KC!