Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring Has Sprung!!!

It's finally here!!! It's beautiful outside and we are going to enjoy every moment we can until fall arrives! The girls love to be outdoors and enjoy playing with dog bowls, buckets and the hose the most. They just constantly empty out the water into different buckets. They are having quite a fun time and I am trying to make sure to keep enough sunscreen on them.

Isabelle had her end of the year Religious Education Concert this morning in church. I arrived just in time, because I took part in the Trolley Run. Andrew was wonderful enough to take the girls to church alone and I had a lovely time in the Trolley Run with my mom for the 4 or 5th year!! We have made this a special little something we do every year. Isabelle's Concert was darling and she even took a moment to run over and give me a big hug in between the first and second song. She is just not shy. "This little light of mine" was Isabelle's favorite song. Although, I believe her favorite part was completing all of the hand gestures to go with each song.

Love my little dollies and all of the joy that life brings them! Happy Sunday!
Love, AKI&A

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