Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Windows, Tile, Doors, Primer & Cabinets

Hello folks. It's been a while. We have finally moved in, thus the lack of posts-we now have internet service, so I don't have to try to email you all via my cell phone anymore. We have been experiencing the acceptable form of "camping" in my opinion.
We are NOT living with my father & stepmother anymore. Thank you dad & karen, we LOVE visiting! We are very excited to have moved in!
On December 29th, when we moved in, we had one water source: our upstairs bathtub. Fun Stuff. However, as of Friday, January 11th, and a special thank you to my father in law, eric, we have a utility sink sitting in where are new undermount kitchen sink will be. We also have a stove, a fridge (with a water filter), working tub & shower downstairs & upstairs as well as a WASHER & DRYER! Let me tell you folks, I am no Laundry fanatic, but I am more than pleased to have a working Washer & Dryer. Woot Woot!!
Without further a due, I took these photos just before we moved the furniture in the house, but this is were we are at...cabinets installed, new doors, new windows, the whole house has been primed (including the ceilings) and tile work complete:


downstairs bathroom:


Guest Bedroom:

Heading Upstairs:


Master Bedroom:

The Master/Upstairs Bathroom:

Girls Room:

Time to Go:

I'm going to have to work on the creativity of my photo taking - especially in the bathrooms - but we're getting there. Sorry I was a month late. Next up: paint, coutnertops & molding....
I love you Andrew!


Kendra yoho said...

The master bath looks like its going to be awesome! Excited to see more. Hope you are enjoying being in the Midwest.

Melissa Jeras said...

Looks great! I love the shower tile in the master bath! Can't wait to see it totally done! Good work Carnahans! Miss you!