Tuesday, January 29, 2013


A choir of angels sang and my countertops were installed monday afternoon!!!!! ....and then they abruptly stopped when I was informed I could not have my dishwasher installed for 2 more days. Oh well, beautiful countertops!!!! So exciting!!!! Everything is starting to look so much more finished and not like a construction project. Andrew is hard at work to get the molding installed and IT LOOKS AMAZING! We have had our setbacks (especially with these countertops), but we are living! Love you all!

Happy Day at the Carnahan Home!
Love, AKI&A

Downstairs Bathroom


In place of my dishwasher...these cuties! Adelaide is going to be pretty sad when her fort is gone...

Upstairs Bathroom (i got tired, so I'll get some better ones up soon)


Meg Made Designs said...

Yea! They look beautiful! Good choice in color!

Cindy Hennessy said...

Would you like to borrow both of my dishwashers? My left hand and my right hand :) Are your cabinets hickory? They look great!

Melissa Jeras said...

The house looks great! The bathroom tops look almost exactly like the ones in our kitchen. Good choice! :)

And embrace the lack of dishwasher. Washing dishes by hand is the way to go.

I miss you and your cutie pies! Come visit us soon! Niko still talks about Isabelle lots.

Robbie Marinero said...

I adore the countertop in the downstairs bathroom. Is that granite or marble? I’d love to know the name of this countertop. This is the style that I want for our master bath. We’re planning to renovate it next month. Right now, I’m busy gathering ideas. ->Robbie Marinero