Friday, July 27, 2012

"Florer Girhl, Wednin Nih an Tara"

Last Month, we made another trip back to Kansas City for my wonderful Brother's Wedding! Isabelle was thrilled to go back to Kansas City (and soak up the attention of her extended family). She was so excited to be the "Florer Girhl, Wednin Nih an Tara" and she told everyone she met who would then look straight at me to ask for confirmation of what she was say. Yes, Isabelle is going to be the Flower Girl at her Uncle Nick & Cara's Wedding. As her parents, Andrew & I had the pleasure of reading the same flower girl book to her for the two months prior.

Isabelle was ecstatic to say the least and thanks to her wonderful Cousin, Beau, she made it down the aisle and even hugged Uncle Nick upon arriving at the front of the Alter. She looked a little lost then turned around and found her seat next to me. After arriving at her seat she looked up to the Alter and exclaimed quite loudly, "Oh, Daddy", who was standing as a groomsmen with Nick.

The Ceremony, the Bride & Groom, it was all SO BEAUTIFUL! So wonderful to be a part of and I am still beyond thrilled that my brother has met the woman of his dreams to spend the rest of his life with! Congratulations to the two of you! You are a very dapper couple!!!

Love, Love, Love,

PS - If you have facebook, please check out all the beautiful photographs the photograpther took of the evening! Otherwise, here are a few of mine:

The Beautiful Flower Girl

A Mommy & her girls

Sweet Adelaide

With Nana Jane

Grandma Karen & Grandpa Kevin

Karen, Annie & Christine

Beau & Isabelle

Our Family of Four


Mummums & My Momma

Cooper, Andrew & Charlie

The Folta's

GG Patty & Auntie Lisa


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Melissa Jeras said...

Isabelle is a stunning Florer Girhl. She looks so pretty!!! And miss Adelaide too of course! I wish I could have seen her perform in real life. Congrats to the bride and groom!