Tuesday, August 16, 2011


This post is coming a bit late, but better late than never.....
Last month, Isabelle, Andrew & I made a trip to Andrew's home in Hereford. We got to see his whole family, enjoy some new "possible" family members and attend Andrew's cousin Melissa's Wedding. We had a wonderful time enjoying the pool & catching up.
Isabelle LOVED all of the attention and attending her very first wedding! However, I think this may be her last wedding until we feel comfortable with her performances in church. I spent a lot of time in the cry room with some other adults & babies. Andrew was a reader in the wedding and did a wonderful job, of course. ;o) But more importantly, CONGRATULATIONS TO MELISSA & DOUGLAS PAYNE!!!! It was quite fun to be a part of such a special occasion!
Isabelle & I stayed a few extra days to spend some quality time with Nana Janette & Papa Eric. We had a lot of fun! We took tractor rides, saw new animals (FROGS!), swam, swam, swam, ate fresh fruits & veggies and made some fun memories. Isabelle spent time with her second cousins: Jazzlyn, Braeson, Traylon & new baby Britlyn and I got to spend some time with Andrew's wonderful cousin, Jessica! It was a lot of fun to watch the kids together and it was so nice to had a very accomplished mother & friend to visit with (thank you Jessica)!!!
We love you NANA & PAPA!! Thank for such a fun filled trip! We cannot wait until next summer. ;o)
Love, Andrew, Kathryn, Isabelle & Baby #2

Dancing at the wedding....AWESOME!!!

Taking a break for some ICING

1st attempt at family picture with a toddler who only wants to dance....

...and last attempt! Awesome.

My water baby!

Mama & Isabelle

Isabelle with her cousins!

Tire Swing - who remembers these?!?!!?

Isabelle, Nana & Papa

Isabelle, Braeson & Traylon

The Cutest Little Tush you ever saw!

New Baby Britlyn

Andrew's Godson, Braeson & Isabelle

Isabelle & PAPA!

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Rach and Clark said...

I love the family photos at the reception. Classic! At least she isn't shy and likes to get on the floor and dance!