Monday, July 25, 2011

Fernandina Beach

While Andrew & I were living in Jacksonville, we met some of the most wonderful people spontaneously. First our friends who lived in our apartment complex - we all shared a love of doggies, then a wonderful friends the Venerdi's in Fernandina Beach - whom we met through friends of their parents. We were so blessed to have all of these amazing friends. I rarely felt homesick and we always had little activities planned with one of our groups of friends and a place to be on holidays.
However, I won't lie, I was happy to leave Jacksonville, substituting at the public schools scared me. Andrew on the other hand would love to live there again, so close to the beach. Anyways, our relationship with the Venerdi's continued as we moved from Kansas City, to New Jersey and back to Arizona. We continued to keep in contact and felt a strong connection with their family & their faith. We asked Lori & Bo to be Isabelle's Godparents and we were thrilled that they accepted.
Now, the only difficult part about have Godparents across the country is the fact that they are across the country. Flying is a pain & pricey, so when the opportunity arose for an inexpensive flight to visit the Venerdi's, I made sure Isabelle & I went.
WE HAD A BLAST!!! Isabelle is a major BEACH BABE!!! We took her out to the ocean as soon as we rested from our very unsuccessful red eye flight. She was mostly curious, but played around for a bit. The next morning, Isabelle was the daredevil! She would have drowned herself had we let her. We had to take breaks and turns to keep ourselves from getting too exhausted. She played in the waves for about 2 hours. She was so thrilled and giggled at every wave. So much fun! Her love for water was already up there, but you never know with a new kind of water if they'll still love it. I was so excited for her to get to experience this with her Godparents. We had a blast. When we weren't at the ocean, we played games, I ATE A TON, slept about 12 hours a night and had a lovely time catching up.
Thank you so much to the wonderful Venerdi's for having us. We love you all to pieces and I don't think Andrew will let us leave him at home next time. ;o) Until next time....Summer 2012 or Summer 2013, we love you and miss you!!!!
Love, Isabelle & Kathryn

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Rach and Clark said...

How fun! Isabelle is just growing so much! Hope you all are well and that you are feeling well with baby #2!