Tuesday, August 17, 2010


There is never a better time to get away from Phoenix than August, so this month Isabelle & I are taking a few trips to visit my grandmothers & her great grandmothers in Seattle & Idaho. From last Wednesday to Monday, we went to Seattle to see Mummums in Seattle and had a wonderful time. Nana Jane joined us as well as Peter, Lori & David. We had a lovely relaxing vacation, waking up bright and early everyday at 6am to take a stroll down to Starbucks in downtown Kirkland before our daily activity.
Everyday we had something fun planned and Isabelle was quite the trooper taking part in everything with little fussing. On Thursday, we had a lovely lunch at Mummums favorite french restaurant and visited Pike Place Market. Friday, we went down to the Pier for a wonderful lunch from my Uncle Peter, Aunt Lori & Cousin David at Restaurant 67 then on a walk to get ice cream. Saturday we took Isabelle's first Ferry Ride to Bambridge Island and had a lovely lunch at Cafe Nola. Nana Jane bought Isabelle a super cute outfit before heading home. Then finally, on Sunday, Nana Jane, Isabelle and I went to mass then went to the mall for some shopping & playing in the children's play area before a fun dinner at Peter, Lori & David's house. Wow! What a busy weekend, but Isabelle did fabulous and adapted well. She is such a wonderful little girl and honestly, very polite. Thank you to Mummums for having us and to Peter, Lori & David for making it lots of fun! We miss you millions MOM!!! Here are a bunch of fun pictures from the trip!
Love, Kat & Bella

One of our many walks to Starbucks with Nana Jane

Pike Place Market

First attempt at Lake Washington...unsuccessful

Lunch with Nana Jane

4 Generations of wonderful women

Nana Jane with Isabelle & David

Trying out Lake Washington again with Uncle Peter

Enjoying the view or the wind on the Ferry

Isabelle's favorite photographer we David as you can tell!

Everyone minus Peter

Our baby girl is so wonderful!!

Drinks with Kari!!!! SO FUN!!!

Ready for Sunday Morning Service

My baby girl


...and becoming a serious climber.

Heading Home...two fabulous flights with this little girl!!!

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