Saturday, August 7, 2010

9 Months Old

Isabelle is growing up so quickly! It has been so much fun learning all about my little girl. She is social, giggly, sweet, loving, fun & completely attached to her mother. Although, I have been able to take a full 36 hours away from her, she has been with me pretty much for the last 18 months minus a few happy hours, dinners & dates.
We love our little girl and I know Andrew is head over heals for her. We have, however, switched parenting rolls, Andrew has become more of the tough love parent now that Isabelle is a bit older which is perfect. I have actually grown into the more sympathetic parent. Interesting how you always have to have one of each.
On another note, Isabelle is a crawling machine. She is quite fast. She pulls up on everything and has been scaling the sofa and tables for the past month. She has yet to try to stand on her own and refuses to walk with the help of our hands anymore, but I think that has to due with her independence and her crawling speed. Isabelle doesn't understand why she would walk when she can just crawl.
Isabelle also eats anything and everything she finds on the floor which is just gross with two dogs that bring in new treats on a daily basis. She is also loving food and has most recently tried eggs and homemade waffles. No allergies as of yet, but that is all I hear about with children anymore, so our fingers are crossed.
Have a few more things to get done while Isabelle sleeps, so that's all for now!
Much love, Andrew, Kat & Isabelle


Shoes, shoes, shoes...

Seriously a favorite past time of Isabelle's

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