Thursday, March 25, 2010

Grand Canyon

After living in Arizona off and on again for going on 8 YEARS, I have made it to the Grand Canyon....unfortunately, Andrew still has to make the trip. Nana Jane came in town last week as a plea from Mama Kat to stay with me while Andrew ventured to Vegas. Well Vegas fell though and Nana Jane still came, so we had a girls weekend up in Grand Canyon. We were sad we couldn't find space for Andrew to join us, but I think he had a nice quiet weekend. As for the ladies, well, Isabelle was trouper and made the 5 hour trip to the Grand Canyon and the same one home with only a few cries. She surprised us all and really took to the binkie!!! Yeah!!!
The Grand Canyon was breathtaking and a lot of fun. We stayed at the famous El Tovar Hotel were you can walk right out to the Canyon and went on hikes/walks daily. The convenience was fantastic for our little 4 1/2 month old and it made life much easier for Mama. We had a wonderful time together and are so excited to have a trip next year that Daddy can join us on!!! Thank you Nana Jane, Isabelle and I had a blast!!!
Love, Kat & Isabelle

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