Saturday, March 6, 2010

4 Months Old

Isabelle is quite the character and we get lots of comments about how outgoing and alert she is for her age (this comment is second to her amazing cheeks). We feel like she's the perfect product of us, thus this outgoing part must be coming naturally. Isabelle is super strong and loves to stand, sit, do Superman's and wave her arms. She loves to be naked, play with her feet, splash in the bath, get kisses and giggle. We love our baby girl and feel blessed on a day to day basis. She has gotten better at sleeping and has now mastered the art of putting herself to was very hard for mommy and daddy a few times.
As for now, we're trying to stretch out her sleep at night so mommy can sleep longer, but hopefully in time she'll do it herself. We're holding off on solids for now and sticking to breastfeeding, but we'll see.... As for the next trick Isabelle is working on, it's either rolling over or scooting on her belly. This little one wants to move everywhere and mommy is getting a little scared of the crawling days coming up...
Love, A,K&I

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