Monday, August 10, 2009

Gestational Diabetes....

NO, I do NOT have it nor do I know how to spell it, BUT...
In our family, I, Kathryn, am the huge candy loving, sugar addicted freak and Andrew doesn't even like chocolate. He does eat Vanilla Ice Cream with fruit, Sour Patch Kids, DOTS and whatever favorite candy I have laying around at the time...but he really just likes protein or something. In fact, from time to time he asks me how I can consume all that sugar!
Well folks, we have our answer!!!
Today, as part of the pregnancy process, I took a Glucosamine Test. I only ate protein for breakfast and went into the office. My blood was taken, and then I drank an Orange Soda without the Caffeine. I waited an hour then they took my blood again. They were ONLY supposed to take my blood after I drank the drink, but the young girl didn't it was taken twice.
At about 2pm today, I received a call from my Doctor's Nurse. Her first words were, "Are you okay?". I said I was fine, thinking I must have this Gestational Diabetes thing. DANG! So I asked and she told me, "No, it's the exact opposite". She was worried I may have passed out on her from my low blood/sugar levels. They say you have Gestational Diabetes if your test results come back over 140 Blood/Sugar level. Well my test results only yielded 40, so I'm assuming 80-110 is pretty average. The nurse told me she nearly freaked at how low it was and I pointed out that they probably analyzed the blood from prior to my sugar I'm actually fine. BUT....seems as though I have a very low Blood/Sugar count, so that must be why I CONSTANTLY NEED IT!!! Duh!!! I finally have proof!!!
Oh and to make it even better, Andrew thinks he had a similar test done and his results were on the high end, THUS why he doesn't like to consume lots of sugar unless he is trying to eat mine to prevent me from eating it.
SO after my amazing analysis, I should have been some kind of a scientist, but I'm fairly certain this is probably all crap. But I think I could use this low blood/sugar level for a while.
Anyways, a little bit of over analyzed nonsense from the Carnahan Clan, but I know you still love us. Love, K

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krystons said...

Well, I am glad to hear that you are ok and not having a bld sugar of 40 on the floor!! Hope you have fun in NY this weekend and tell Andrew hello and to have a good game =)

Miss you guys =(
Brittany, Tommy, Missy, Zoe, and last but not least Miss Uli =)