Wednesday, July 29, 2009


As some of you may have know, we spent our July visiting Chandler, Arizona. We had a blast in the summer heat...averaged around 110 degrees. But all was well getting to hang out with friends, working out and looking for the future Carnahan home!
Our plan was to find a home for our family to live in during the off-season and in the future. After making nearly 6 offers, we found success at the very end of our trip. It was quite diffcult to work in a buyer's market where all the homes for sale are owned by the Banks and there are quite a few buyers. The banks never reply as quickly to your offer as you'd like and with the limited time we had, it made our trip a little stressful. Although we found the perfect home in Gilbert, Arizona, nothing is final until closing, so on September 3rd, we'll let you all know!!
Besides searching for a home, we spent time with friends! A special thank you to Thad, Lauren & Erin for allowing us to stay with them!!! It was a lot of fun for us and the puppies!!!! We cannot wait to have you all come stay with us in the future!
Love, A,K,B,O&C
PS I have limited photos...Andrew has the rest of them with him in Albany.
Here are a few photos of our time in Arizona....

We have sat through some Baseball

Kari & Courtney

The Puppies are enjoying the weather...

The Girlies at Kona

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