Sunday, June 14, 2009

20 Weeks!

We are officially halfway through the pregnancy!! I still feel absolutely amazing and I am happy to report I am getting a pudge and not trying to prevent it from getting larger. In a word, I would describe my current state of being as "THICK". I do not necessarily have a baby bump, but a thick waist. And I mean very thick. Andrew is being a good sport, putting up with all the ups and downs of my moods and my planning.
Unfortunately, my planning is not going far due to the fact that we do not know where this baby will be born, nor where we will be creating a baby room and on top of that how this little wonderful bundle of love will affect our lives! We will not know where we will be living until September at the earliest, but we're taking this in strides. No worries to all of those who are, I am very laid back about the delivery of our baby and I am not worrying about the personal relationship that I may or may not have with the doctor. We are simply worried about the health of our baby and making sure the three of us can be together when he/she is born! Our baby room will hopefully begin developing in August! We are going to head down to Chandler & Gilbert, Arizona at the end of June to begin our house hunt! We are very excited to find a home that we can call our own and live in during the off-season and in the future! Think good happy home thoughts for us in July and if you happen to be one of our many friends who lives in Arizona, look out here we come!!!
More currently, we will be getting to see baby on Tuesday, June 23rd for our second measurement and viewing needs! We hope to see that our wonderful baby is perfectly healthy and happy! We'll have photos, so remember to ask if we're not already passing them around!!!

We really would like to thank our family for all of their support during these ever changing times in our lives and we are so excited to have all of you to love and support us in the future!!! Love you all, A&K


Brad and Bridget said...

Kat, you look absolutely beautiful! You're glowing...and growing :) I've been looking forward to some "baby bump" pictures - keep them coming!

Take care,

Lindsay said...

Okay seriously at 20 weeks you look like I did in full workout mode WAYYYYY before pregnancy was even a thought in my head. :) You're gorgeous and I'm so excited for you! You will love Mommyhood.

C & R Tobler said...

You are looking SO SOOO good for 20 weeks! And I just got so excited reading that you guys might buy a house in Chandler/Gilbert! We could be neighbors!!