Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Shopping!!!

Hello Family & Friends!
We hope you've all received your Christmas Cards and if you haven't they are on the way!!! Ran out of envelopes.
Life has been a little hectic with Christmas on the way, but we are so excited to be surrounded by my family for the holiday and in February we will have an awesome celebration with Andrew's Family in Snowmass!!! All Christmas gifts have been purchased, so no last minute requests need to be sent our way. :o)
The weather has been slowly killing Oscar, our little maltipoo, but he has gotten used to the idea of wearing a sweater. For a while, he thought he was in trouble if he had to wear the sweater, but when we never took it off I think he might have gotten it. But seriously, he shivers. It's so sad! Copper, of course, loves the backyard and every part of the snow, but continues to need to work on his behavior. Maybe he'll grow out of it?!?!?!
Andrew and I are wonderful, we spent last weekend celebrating my Aunt Anne's Birthday in advanced as she is off to St. John's for the Holidays and last night we had our holiday celebration with the Chief's Offensive Line at Maker's Mark Downtown. We had a fun four course meal with our own private room. It was very fun, but I think all of the guys are ready to be done and leave the cold weather! Poor Andrew will have to put up with the weather, but I think he will find plenty of players to workout with in the off-season!
Besides all of that, we are look forward to a fun Christmas and the freezing cold 8 degree weather tomorrow at the game!!! Man oh MAN!!!! We love you all and hope everything is going well! Keep us updated!!!
Love, A,K,O&C

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