Friday, November 14, 2008

Rental House Shopping

We have spent the last week shopping for a home with a fenced in yard and WOW, houses in the parts of town we want to live in are OLD!!! But beautiful of course, but creeky floors, small bathrooms, low ceilings and door openings are a big deal in our family. If a floor creeks, it creeks more when we walk on it, if a bathroom is small, it is even smaller with are large bodies in it, and a if a ceiling or door opening is low, we actual have to DUCK! Darn our Viking or Swedish or German or Irish ancestry! Our poor children (totally unborn and not on the way still)....besides house shopping, life is pretty dull. I am limited to doing well, nothing, but errands and blogging. Andrew has practice and a game he is getting ready for! How exciting! This will be my first Chiefs game that I am attending with my HUSBAND ON THE TEAM! Craziness! Anyways, hope all is well with family and friends! Love you all bunches! Looking forward to the holidays! Love, K&A

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