Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Isabelle Jane's First Day of Preschool

Isabelle Jane started preschool today! She is attending St. Ann's Young Childhood Center. Her teacher's are Miss Mary and Miss Carol. We are thrilled to be able to send Isabelle to our parish preschool that is less than 5 minute walk away from our home (when there is no construction). Isabelle is thrilled as well. She has been excited all summer and has been ready for preschool for about 6 months now. We are all so excited to open up this next chapter of a journey as a family!
We are so proud of you Isabelle! You are wonderfully intelligent, kind, loving and a joy to be around. We are so pleased that you get to spread your wonderful you to the children at your new school! We hope that you learn to think of others, share, work as a team and have a blast!
Daddy, Mommy, Nana Jane, Adelaide and Eloise joined Isabelle on her walk to school today. Isabelle is one special girl! Isabelle met her new teachers, found her name on a name tag, hung up her backpack and was ready for class!!! Mommy, Nana, Adelaide and Eloise went upstairs for refreshments and visited with other parents for an hour. Everyone is having a short week to get used to the new idea of preschool. Isabelle did great! Miss Mary commented that Isabelle was a BIG fan of dress up! Of course and Isabelle made cookie Owls with all the other children. Congratulations Isabelle! You are awesome and we are so excited to see what other activities, projects and things you learn this year!
Welcome to Preschool!!!
Love, Mommy & Daddy!

Isabelle's Favorites
Food: Cheeseburgers
Movie: Mama Mia
Song: "Never Ever Get Back Together" by Taylor Swift
Thing to do: Projects
Toy: Julie (her doll)
Color: Magenta
What will you be when you grow up? A Mommy (followed closely by a Teacher)

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