Friday, August 23, 2013


We took our annual trip down to Hereford this July, but this time.....
WE DROVE! 11 Hours in the car with our girls both ways (Andrew only did a one way trip. I enjoy spending more time with Nana and Papa). The girls were rock stars!!! I am so glad we decided to make the road trip. I'm not nearly as scared to do it again.
We had a wonderful time seeing Nana, Papa, Uncle Jason, Uncle Daniel & the Future Aunt Julie, Cori and Ryan. We also spent time with cousins, played at the pool with everyone and had an all around wonderful time! We love our family and the girls had a blast getting extra attention from everyone and playing with their cousins! Cannot wait to this one again soon!
Love, AKI&A

Cousins Jazlynn, Braeson, Adelaide, Isabelle, Britlynn and Traelon

The Awesome Uncle Jason

Addy & Papa Eric

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