Friday, April 13, 2012

Baby Ballerina

We have (as promised) our very own BABY BALLERINA!!!
It has taken her 4 classes, but she finally frolics around the room and follows directions. Isabelle had zero problems marching into class and leaving mommy behind (but i really had no doubt this would happen).
For the first few classes, Isabelle simply stood and watched the teacher look rather silly (i imagine this was what she was thinking) prancing in circles around the room & walking with a bean bag on her head. Isabelle had no problems taking all of the props given to her while watching or putting on the second tutu over her first along with butterfly wings. This dress up part is probably the highlight every time. In fact, during the last class Isabelle put on her "butterfly costume", ran to the viewing window, found me, turned around and pointed at her wings, then turned around to smile at me. DARLING! She is defiantly loving being involved in class now - she always loved it, now she loves actually participating.
I'll let you know how the recital goes and if she decides to go professional after this class. ;)
Love, Mommy


Cara Bigler said...

Yay!!! So happy she is loving it! I cant wait to see her moves!

joey handbags said...

That is way toooo cute! Adorable!