Monday, January 30, 2012

Endless amounts of Energy

Over the past 6 months, Isabelle has developed endless amounts of toddler energy and I have challenged myself daily to get it out of her so she's sleep just a little bit more for her mother & continue napping. We head to the park by our house, the one down the street, we meet up with friends, we take walks, we ride her tricycle in the neighborhood and we visit the horses, cows and goats by our house. I am always looking for new fun things and it really helps us all stay active. Thank you spunky little toddler. We love you to pieces.
Love, Mom & Daddy

What we have been up to....
The park,

the park,

the park,

the park,

the park,

more park,

and a little bit more with Grandpa!


Playing in one of our many Christmas Boxes

Visiting the Horses

Playing in the Rain

Pig Roast at the Jeras Home

Natural History Museum with Niko & Mel

To the Park with my Isabelle & her girlfriends: Ally, Layna & Lizzy

Date Night for Niko's Parents

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