Friday, December 9, 2011

Much to be thankful for.....

Thanksgiving week was one of the most amazing trips our family has ever gone on, in fact it is currently the only trip our family has gone on thus far. That being beside the point, it will forever be one of the most amazing Thanksgivings ever, because we spent it with my Mother's entire family (on her father's side). Nineteen of us in all! My Wonderfully Generous Grandfather, his amazing wife, Grandma Patty (GG Patty) and my grandfather's 6 daughter (yes, 6) and their respective families! We all made it, no one was missing!!
We all set off for St Johns in the US Virgin Islands from our respective homes throughout the country and we made it to & from safe and sound! It was an absolutely incredible week spent with our family in 2 houses!
We spent time catching up, playing at the beach, soaking up the weather and talking about what an amazing husband, father, grandfather & great grandfather our Grandpa was!!!
In fact, this was my Grandfather's 80th birthday celebration and my grandfather TOOK US on the adventure of a lifetime. We were all so pleased we had the opportunity to go! Yes, even 5 week old Adelaide and her zombie mother had the most amazing time. Thank you a million Grandpa for the most amazing trip!!! We all loved spending time together! Doesn't happen often and we are so blessed you brought us all together to do just that!
Happy 80th Birthday to one Amazing Man!
Love, AKI&A


All the Boys!!

The Six Girls!!!

After our arrival, Nana & Isabelle enjoyed the beach right away!

Cinnamon Bay Beach

Playing in the Sand

Adelaide & Mommy

Beautiful Isabelle Jane

Isabelle & Daddy

Our Little Family & OUR VIEW!

My brother Nick and his wonderful girlfriend, Cara


Sweet Adelaide Janette

Miss Isabelle Jane

Thanksgiving Day - WE WENT SAILING & ate Turkey Sandwiches, um, AWESOME!

Charlie, Cooper & Isabelle sailing the ship

Nana Jane & Adelaide Janette

Our Family of Four!

Lisa, Mama Jane & I

GG Patty and Baby Adelaide

Beau & Isabelle hiding

Adelaide enjoying the weather

Our Princess

Trunk Bay Beach

Enjoying family time while GG Patty Babysits little Adelaide at the house

Charlie, Beau & Isabelle (cleaning sand off her french fries in the ocean...salty!)

Thank you Grandpa, Isabelle loved visiting with her "Pa - Pa"

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Cara Bigler said...

Such an amazing trip beyond words! So happy I was able to spend time with such an outstanding family. Love to you!