Sunday, May 1, 2011


A few things I've done this April....
(whoops...forgot to post this a while back...enjoy)

Had Niko Over (what a goof ball)

Played in the Sprinkler

Played on my new tricycle

Went to breakfast with Mommy and some of her Besties...

Met my 2nd Cousins (Grace, Isabelle, Madeline & Jack - Uncle George's Kiddos)

All of Us!

Did a second Easter Egg Hunt with my Playgroup Buddies...

...then had Popsicles!!!

Went Swimming at Niko's Pool

Brrrr....still cold!

The ASU Spring Game, GO DEVILS!!!

1 comment:

Melissa Jeras said...

Cute pics! I didn't even recognize Niko in that first picture. I was thinking, who is that girl in that picture?