Monday, March 7, 2011

Children's Museum

One of the most excited aspects about having a toddler who runs and plays and explores is that you can hit up any new place and BAM, new fun playground. So last week, a few friends from our playgroup and Isabelle & I decided to visit the Children's Museum. IT WAS AWESOME. So much fun, lots to do for even a 1 year old and a great way to get out of the house.
Isabelle's very favorite activity was a air shooting pipe system. You put brightly colored fabric into an air tunnel and it shot through a fun maze and right out above your head. Isabelle could have possibly spent the entire day at this exhibit, but we moved onto the noodle maze, the water painting center, the reading corner, the car race track, the fake supermarket, and the giant playground. Well worth the $5 per person deal we got off of, but even worth the $11 you normally have to spend at the door. We had a blast and I will definitely be hitting this place up again this summer. :o)
Word to the wise - do not venture into the "gift shop" with a partially crabby child who loves stuffed animals. That was the only point when we had a meltdown. Wow and she's only 1, Scary.
Love, K&I
A few fun photos:


Loved the Wind Tunnel


Blur of Excitement as they entered the Noodle Maze

Water Painting


Checking Herself out...

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