Friday, October 29, 2010

One Week Left...

....before our Baby Doll Turns 1!!!!

It is amazing how time flies, but seriously still lasts forever. This was one of the longest, yet fastest years of our life. I can remember so much of it! We feel so blessed to have made it through alive with a little girl that sleeps & naps like a professional now, eats like a champ (although she is getting picky) and has become quite a little lover. She is our Angel and we could not ask for her to be any different (well, that's not the total truth).

My friend, Laura, text me the other day saying "this time last year, you were pregnant with Isabelle!". Amazing, seriously amazing. I feel like she has been with us for so much longer, but really I cannot believe she is turning one. It is all so much to handle!

Since I will not be able to tell you everything next week, because we'll be busy celebrating both of our birthdays, I thought I would give a little update on Miss Isabelle Jane.

Isabelle is a cuddler now...cuddling bears, doggies, mommy, daddy and any adult that will hold her.

She observes older children, but doesn't mimic anyone but the dog yet by carrying around stuffed animals in her mouth.

Isabelle says "mamama", "dada", daddi", "numnums" (food), "mo" (more), and "bubui" (byebye). I could seriously be making all this up, but I really think she knows this many words, so?
She is a tall baby girl, but still weights what she did at 9 months (we'll get her new stats in a week).

She still loves to grin at strangers.
She loves to lay back on pillows.
She loves to chase the dogs.

Her giggle is contagious.

Isabelle brings us together and is constantly challenging us as individual, parents and a couple. She is everything to us.

We love her to death and would not change a thing.
She is as stubborn and bratty as both of us and it cracks me up.

We love you Miss Bella! Thank you for being you!

Love, Mommy & Daddy

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