Monday, September 13, 2010

10 Months Old

....we hit the double digits!

Isabelle is doing wonderfully!
She does not put up with anything not going HER way.
She is quite a chatty girl with her "bah ba bah"s, "mamama ma"'s & "pupp"s.
She says "yeah" and claps.
She climbs on everything and everyone.
She is busy!
She eats all the time.
She eats everything!
She smiles for everything & everyone!
She has been sleeping thought the night for about a month & a half (7pm - 6am).
She has fun hair-dos!
She's starting to grow out of some of her 12Month clothes.
She loves the outdoors.
She loves the dogs.
AND she is super clingy to mom, but also super snuggly!

Isabelle is a lot of things, but most of all she is the most wonderful baby girl princess to Andrew & I! WE love you miss Bella!

Love, Mama & Dada

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