Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dirty Baby

Recently Isabelle has been getting overly excited, flapping her arms, smiling really big and yelling at me whenever I open our back door. SO I've been trying to take her outside every morning for a little play time. I throw out a big sheet and she crawls all over it. Plays with her balls, pulls up grass and tries to get to Copper's ball. Well, this morning when we went outside we had to setup shop on the concrete, because the grass was all wet from being watered. Well, Isabelle loved it and got into everything. She got dirty, played with the dog bowl and went for Copper's super dirty dirt ball. We had a lot of fun and Isabelle got to take a sink bath afterward. So my child has now had her first outside dirty experience and I see many more in my future! Here is a little bit of the event. Love you all, Kat

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Lindsay said...

I love dirty little babies! Plus bathtime is always so much fun. :)

Love the new layout too!