Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy MOMMY Day!!

We had a wonderfuly mother's day or should I say, I had a wonderful mother's day! My best girlfriend Sally had her Mommy friends over for a little celebration and I felt very blessed to be a part of the little group. We had brunch, mimosas and played in the pool. We all loved it! Here are a few photos from the day!!! Thank you again Sally, Andrew, Isabelle, Momma, Dad, Karen, Grandma, Grandpa and Nick for all your kind words and gifts! Love you all dearly and I feel so blessed to be a mother and to have such wonderful mothers in my life!!!
Love, Kat


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Rach and Clark said...

the photo of you and Isabelle laughing is my favorite for sure! I almost want to blow it up and put it on my wall. So cute! Miss you guys!