Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Hawaii was amazing. Need we say more!!!! Well of course I will! We left phoenix on Monday to join our Chiefs Offensive Linemen friends for a little vacation in Hawaii! Brian Waters did an amazing job getting nearly all the O-linemen to travel to the ProBowl for what is supposed to be the last game played in Hawaii and it was awesome! We surfed, saw pipeline (famous surfing spot), played in the waves a Sandy Beach, ate icecream & shaved ice, went on a pubcrawl, hung out vip with all the nfl players and just had an all around amazing time!!! We have to go back and would be happy to share recommendation with anyone who is thinking of going! Missed you all and see you soon!!!! Love, K&A


Pub Crawl


The Whole Gang (Minus a few)

After Scuba!

Our Balcony


Booze Cruise!

Love Him!!!

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Clark and Rachel said...

Kat, I am SO happy you have a blog! I didn't know if you were still in Florida, and apparently I am MONTHS behind! These Hawaii photos look great! You are one lucky gal! PS your house is adorable and I am so happy you are closer to family!